Where are Your Christmas Presents Being Made?

I’ll be looking for gifts to buy made here in the USA — how about you?

Made in USA Products



I resisted. I sneered. I refused to consider “plastic shoes”. I bought a pair of their flip flops when I was in a mall and a serious storm broke out while I was wearing nice new shoes which I didn’t want ruined in the rain.


I’m hooked.

That’s right, I’m hooked.

I am now one of those plastic-shoe-wearing people who understands the OMG factor of sliding your feet into something that completely, ridiculously and absurdly comfy….. Don’t waste your time sneering at me for it, I’m sneering at myself…. and my feet don’t care about my sneering, they’re sure not going to care about your’s….. they’re too busy singing

“thank you, Thank You…. TH-A-A-A-ANK      Y-O-ew-ew-ew-ew-ew-EW!”

— and since my feet are singing louder than my brain is sneering, the feet win.

And they’re having a big sandal sale on their website — 25% off with some already down to 60% off. I just ordered 2 more pairs of Crocs and am hanging my head in shame…. Shame I tell you… SHAME! …. but my feet, well…. my feet will be very happy.

Oh yeah — and if you belong to eBates (and if you don’t yet, you can join using the at the link under Shopping on the right-hand side of this page) you can connect over from that site, and get another 5% back via that lovely little quarterly check they send out.

I’ve actually sunk so low, I’m looking at the shoes on the site and pondering….. “I wonder if I could get away with those for work … hmmmmmmm …. crocs with a suit … what?!?!?!? NO!!!!!… well…… M-A-Y-b-e…. hmmmmmmmmmm”.

Well, I actually did a viral status on facebook…..

I’m in general against them, but this one was entirely too funny to pass up:

So sad… Please put this on your status if you know or are related to someone who suffers from stupidity. People need to understand that stupidity is real and should be taken seriously. You could be sitting next to a stupid person right now. There is still no known cure for stupidity and sympathy does not help. But we can raise awareness! 53% won’t re-post this because they don’t know how to copy & paste.

I’ve been telling people for years that I suffer from “LST” (low stupidity tolerance). So this one time, I had to do the viral post…….

Why I am NOT getting Netflix

I have pop-up blockers. Netflix is one of TWO companies who’s pop-ups get through anyway. This means that they and/or their marketing company deliberately coded around the pop-up blockers.

They decided that they have more right to decide what windows open on my computer than I do. They think they have a right to take over my computer and deliberately go around something I put in place to prevent pop-ups.

This pisses me off.

It’s my computer and my bandwidth, and I’m the one paying for it. I don’t want my resources sucked up by pop-up advertising. I have no problem with banner ads, and if those were the only ads I saw for Netflix, I might consider their service…. but ANY company who’s pop-up ads get through pop-up blockers — I’m not going to do business with. Period. I don’t like the attitude required for a company to do that. What other decisions would they then assume they get to make for me? Sorry, but invasive, obnoxious, out of control and out of bounds.

Why am I ranting about this now? Because another one of their ads just popped up, without my permission, on another site.

Any other company who’s ads get through the pop-up blockers are only guaranteeing that I won’t buy their product as well. I don’t like pop-up ads, that why I took the trouble to install a pop-up blocker. Pop-up ads are obnoxious, tax the resources on my computer and are in general a pain in the ass — therefore I choose not to have them on my computer…. and silly me, I actually believe I have that right …. the right to decide what opens up on my computer…. go figure. But it’s not Netflix’ computer, it’s MY computer, I bought it, I paid for it, I installed it, and I’m the one paying for my ISP and bandwidth — therefore I’m the one who should get to decide what I use it for — and pop-up ads are NOT what I want it used for. PERIOD.


Sorry, just needed to “vent”. LOL

breast ironing? Breast Ironing?! BREAST IRONING?!?!?!?!?!?!

Just one more horrific example of how twisted too many societies are — the notion that women and girls should be covered, limited in what they are allowed to do and where they are allowed to go — even MUTILATED all in the name of “keeping them safe” — from men who are apparently presumed to be nothing more than wild animals running around just looking for someplace, ANY place, to shove their ever-present and uncontrollable erections.

How about we do something drastic and demand that the men control themselves?

How about instead of taking scalding hot rocks and trying to burn the very sensitive new tissue of pubescent girls’ breasts down to nothing so that those “uncontrollable men” won’t find them attractive to molest or rape — if someone molests or rapes your daughter, put the damage on THEM — track the bastard down, lop off the offending parts and feed them to him…. IF the response to the threat of molestation is to be a brutal physical one — then save the physical brutality for the actual molesters and rapists, instead of taking it out on their potential victims — it would be far more effective in the long run at preventing daughters from being raped or molested than torturing and mutilating the girls could ever be. If those who would molest or rape a young girl are afraid of ending up castrated and chewing their own parts, chances are it might make them change their mind. Okay, am I REALLY advocating murder here? Not really — but I am making the point that THAT would make far more sense than mutilating your daughters. How about a coalition of mothers — if any man harms any of their daughters, the whole group can track him down as a group and beat the hell out of him, and then make sure the police find him ready to be arrested (if the police where you are would even bother)…. I’m betting after a round or 2 of that in any given village, no man would dare touch the daughter of any of the mothers in that group.

The “logic” of such an action totally escapes me….. protecting the girls? Torture and mutilation is not “protection”, it is torture and mutilation. So how about protecting them from being tortured and mutilated by their own mothers? Find a more effective means of protecting them, find a way to make those you’re afraid of stop doing what scares you.

Calling it “tradition” is nothing more than saying “I was tortured, so I’m going to take it out on my child and torture them”…. a bullshit excuse if ever there was one. “My parent did it to me, and I’m okay” is another one of those lovelies that freaks me out…. NO, you’re NOT “okay” — you think doing that to your child is an acceptable thing to do… therefore you were clearly damaged by having it done to you.

But the real bottom twisted line here is that the girls are being “punished” for things that are out of their control. For the POTENTIAL actions of someone else, for growing up and starting to develop breasts, for being female. When what’s really, really needed is for the males in their society to start acting like fully-formed, living, breathing ADULT HUMAN BEINGS, and not predators who think it’s okay to rape little girls.

GO AFTER THE RAPISTS, not their potential victims.

I know it’s a radical concept — but I honestly believe that if someone raped a child and that child’s parent killed the bastard…. well, I’d never vote to convict…. I’d want to issue them a medal for making sure the bastard wouldn’t be raping any more kids. As for any notion of “shame” for their victims — NO ONE is responsible for the actions of someone else — no one. Why should anyone feel shame for what someone else did?…. short answer, they should not. Anger? Yes, even rage…. but shame? NEVER! The blame for rape lies wholly and solely with the RAPIST, they are who should feel shame, they should also feel justice.

Having a penis does not absolve anyone from responsibility for their own actions. And possessing a penis alone doesn’t make someone a man…. not a real MAN. Men — REAL men, control themselves, behave responsibily, and they do NOT use their penises as weapons… and they damn well don’t go after children. REAL MEN DO NOT RAPE. Lower forms of life do. As far as I’m concerned a rapist may have started their life with human DNA, but once they commit such an act they’ve lost their core humanity, and can no more be described or categorized as “human”…. and one must first be human to be a man.

Every time I read about some new, horrific, twist to what is done to girls and women in some part of the World, in order to make them “safe” from the animals that pass themselves off as “men” there…. I am just so grateful for all the good, solid, decent and FULLY HUMAN men I know — if you’re one of them, and you’re reading this — just know how glad I am to know you, and how glad I am that you’re part of my life. And that the reason I KNOW that men are not horrific ravening animals is because I know men like you. And if you made it far enough to read that, more power to you.

And to the women who are battling this horrible practice in your own area (if you somehow manage to find your way into my obscure blog) — you are heroes for standing up against this. May you have the strength to succeed and may your daughters be stronger, and their lives be happier for your efforts.

I know, I didn’t supply a link on this one…. the internet is rife with them at the moment, so if you do a web search on the term, you’ll find plenty, including some very painful to watch video…. I think this entry is already “in your face” enough on this one, without supplying that as well…. it’s out there, if you feel the need to, you’ll find it.

Clueless Jackasses at Google at it AGAIN!

Now they want to force me to connect my YouTube account to my gmail account. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. First of all, it’s still a security issue for anyone who’s had stalker problems. Maybe you assholes at Google think the stalker thing is all one big joke… I assure you, as someone who once got home late at night to find some asshole sitting on my stoop…. it’s not. Maybe you clowns don’t grasp how big a problem it is — I recommend you do something totally crazy and GOOGLE STALKER STASTICS…. use your own damn resources, instead of moving forward with policies that are hazardous to your end-users. I’ve had death threats from online lunatics because I dared disagree with them… I do NOT WANT MY ACCOUNTS ALL CONJOINED INTO ONE INSECURE BLOB. Do you grasp this? Is anyone at Google making these asinine decisions even CAPABLE of grasping this?

You can close my damn YouTube account, now that I can no longer log into it, I don’t have the option to do that for myself any more. — YouTube had gotten lousy anyway with embedded links not working more often than not and the content going down hill with the number of sheer yahoos posting stupidity that has to be weeded through to find any nuggets of value…. it’s more like looking for a nugget of gold at the bottom of a latrine than anything of value these days anyway.

That you no longer make such combining of accounts OPTIONAL, and instead are trying to FORCE it upon endusers who clearly don’t want it speaks to your lack of respect for, and interest in the well-being of, your user base. Guess what? I no longer respect you either… disrespect breeds disrespect, and you’re earning it.

Not only have I moved my blogs off of blogger to get away from this insanity, I am now looking to move my business email out of your paid system and elsewhere and I’ll be moving my personal email account as well….. and I’m changing my default search engine to ask.com….. I’m going to de-google my life as much as possible. I think my google maps app is about to be deleted from my phone as well…. and that android phone I was looking at buying?…. screw it, I’ll buy something else. That android tablet PC I was considering? iPad here I come. MapQuest, Rand-McNally, there are other mapping sites I can use for directions — I don’t need yours. Chrome is being uninstalled, so is Google Earth. Your source of “central control” through forcing everything into one thing is OVER when it comes to me. Every bit of google-based anything installed on anything I own is getting removed. Anything I was considering buying with an android OS is getting switched to a different product. Anything I can do to deGoogle my life is getting done. Google chat? Google-bye…. Google maps? Google-bye ….. Google Earth? Google-bye ….. Google Mail? Google-bye …. Google Chrome? Google-bye …. see the trend here? G-Bye!

And I hope I’m not the only one deGoogling my life.

Up your’s Google — I’ve had enough.

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