Tomato Soup…..

Picture this….. a cold Winter’s night. A fire in the fireplace. Curled up on the sofa with a fluffy throw, wearing my favorite warm PJs and sipping a big mug of hot creamy tomato soup …… mmmmmmmm. Add in my floof-ball of a cat curled up in my lap, and it’s near-Heaven.

The quality of the tomato soup counts…. and not all tomato soups are “created equal”. Anything that needs to be “reconstituted” just doesn’t cut it for me. Give me one of the ready-to-roll in a carton varieties…. and make it a good one. Pacific Organics has a truly yummy version, but even their low-sodium version is a bit high on sodium for me. The Trader Joe’s store brand, while I don’t love the flavor quite as much as I do the Pacific Organics, truly is low-sodium… and still quite delicious … in fact I think I need to make a run to TJ’s … I’m out of my soup and it’s a cold Winter’s night and the fireplace is just sitting there… If I add a grilled-cheese sandwich into the mix, I can call it dinner … and let the comfort food warm me body and soul.


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