Praises For A Good Warm Coat…..

Okay, picture this…. aftermath of an ice storm… it’s cold, it’s raining and 32 degrees, car is covered in ice…. and you have to go somewhere in that….. not my idea of a good time…. but that’s what yesterday afternoon was.

The neighbor who very generously takes care of my cats when I’m out of town needed to go to the chiropractor… but her neck and arm were bothering her too much to do the driving… and she honestly isn’t all that comfortable driving in that kind of weather… me, the weather doesn’t bother me so much… the drivers around here do, but that’s a rant for a different day.

The beetle was truly covered in ice, but it chipped off pretty easily. Having to do that could have been a nasty task, but I was warm and dry because I have what I consider to be the World’s best winter coat. A squall parka from Land’s End. This isn’t my first one, when the one I’ve had for almost a decade started to finally show signs of wear, I simply wasn’t willing to just give it up…. so I bought a new one. These coats have served me well in even the nastiest of weather… yeah, even lake effect nasty… they keep me dry, warm and toasty…. even when the tip of my nose is starting to burn from the cold…. and they are incredibly light weight… this is apt to be my warm coat of choice for the rest of my life…. as long as they don’t do what companies often seem to and go and screw it up later….. in the name of “improvement”.


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