Maybe I’ll go take a little nap now…….

Someone on an online board I go to mentioned that they are having a hard time finding pillows they really like…. I had the same problem for a long time, spending a small fortune on pillows of different types just trying to get comfortable…. and failing abyssmally …. and finally found some I really love and find to be very comfortable for me… so I posted the link to them for her….. and thinking about comfortable pillows has made me want a nice little nappy nap….. grab a giant floofball of a kitty, pull the blankets up to my neck and just doze off all cozy and happy….. I have other things I should be doing…. but those pillows may just be calling my name…. fluffy pillow, fluffy kitty-moose, fluffy blanket….. oh dear….

Indulgence Side-Sleeper Pillow at Bed Bath & Beyond


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