Food so bad, it’s GOOOOOODDDD!

Okay, so I grew up in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area. Growing up in that area comes with certain food “oddities”…. buffalo wings have become familiar fodder across the country (although to those of us who grew up on the real deal most come across as shoddy and soggy imitations) and no longer really qualify as an “oddity”, but then you have beef on weck and LeFrois Sauce. Beef on Weck is basically slivered and seasoned beef, cooked in the au jus and served up on a kimmelweck roll (a kimmelweck is basically a hard roll studded with rock salt and caraway seeds) with lots of horseradish…. to dip, or not dip, the roll in the au jus is the only debatable thing there (well, that and how MUCH horseradish to put on your sandwich)… I am a dipper. Then you have the LeFrois Sauce… belongs on hotdogs, hamburgers, etc…. and it kicks… well, you know….. There’s a drive-in restaurant (that’s take out place to anyone else) in the town some family lives in that serves up white hots, red hots, hamburgers, french fries, onion rings and milkshakes… and they have “sauce”… growing up we just knew it as “sauce”… white hot with sauce please! Now you can buy it in jars in some of the local grocery stores under the name LeFrois Sauce. I bought 4 jars last time I was visiting family up there. 1 for the neighbor who watches my cats for me when I’m out of town, 1 for the friend I stay with when I need to be in the NYC area, 1 for my best friend and her family and 1 for ME!

Go to the drive-in and pick up dogs and burgers and fries with SAUCE and then head to the drive-in movies….. sounds like a great way to spend the evening to me!

drivein 31899lefrois


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