A Professional Pedicure May Just Be….

The ultimate in semi-cheap self-pampering…. for <$30 just about anywhere in the US you can get buffed, trimmed, massaged, soaked in a whirlpool, groomed, polished and brightly colored… from the ankles down anyway. I always feel so much more centered and together when my feet are freshly done…. I'm together from the base up and it changes the feel of my whole body.

If you’ve never had a real professional pedicure, I highly recommend you get one… ask around your area and find out who gets them done regularly and has someone they would recommend, and then check it out. From the whirlpool, to the buffing, to the massaging to the painting of your nails…. It’s a great way to spend 45 minutes to an hour and the sense of being pampered is pretty priceless….. equivalent head to toe treatment…. hundreds of dollars at a spa (not that I’m averse to such, but it’s simply not in the budget these days), but for around $30, you can get the full-tilt treatment from the ankles down… and if you go someplace good they’ll massage and moisturize from the knees down while they’re at it.

Had a pedicure about a month ago and finally had to remove the remainder of the growing out polish tonight…. my feet are looking kinda sad without it… looks like time to “pony up” and go in for another round….. $30 once a month… that’s not too exorbatent for something that feels that good… is it?


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