Gotta Love Costco!

Rejoined Costco Sunday…. bought a 365 pill bottle of their generic version of Zyrtec…. just calculated my savings….

30 zyrtec… $23 x 12 = $276 for the year
365 Kirkland ceterizine HCI….. $16

Savings…. $260 for the year

less $100 for my upgraded “Executive” Membership…. savings still $160 off of just that one item.

Gotta love Costco……. oh and a neighbor was with me and joined citing me as a referral… so they gave me a $10 gift card for the referral…. so make that $170 in savings on that one visit, not even counting the money saved on other items.

Ended up spending a good chunk of change at Costco, but got more than my money’s worth and am pretty happy. A case of 24 cans RedBull ($31, versus $2.09 per can at the store)… savings $19… a few bottles of vitamins that probably saved me about $15 per bottle….. some frozen fish … WAY cheaper than at the grocery store…. wild Alaskan salmon, mahi mahi, ahi tuna. 18 ounces of fresh blackberries for the cost of a pint at the supermarket (just had a big bowl of those), a huge container of blueberries equally well-priced, and 4 papaya that I can’t even FIND in the local regular grocery stores for reasonable.

I’m a happy camper. You can go into Costco, spend a couple hundred dollars and end up with staple items to last for months. Canned tuna, salmon, etc. Crackers, soup, dishwasher liquid, cleaning supplies, etc., etc., etc. very well worth it.

And with the Executive membership, they give you 2% on your purchases at the end of the year up to $500…. I’m already about $5 up on that one…. can’t imagine spending anywhere NEAR $25,000 at Costco, so definitely won’t even be CLOSE to maximizing that benefit…. but even if I only end up with $10 back in a year…. that’s $10 more than I’d have otherwise.


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