Most pathetic TV ever…..

Okay, I don’t watch “reality” TV… other than the talent show type stuff any way. So when the neighbor who cat sits for me when I’m out of town (and doesn’t have cable) wanted to watch “Jon & Kate Plus Eight” (or whatever the heck the name of the thing is)… I said “sure”… she takes good care of my furballs when I’m out of town, so she can watch pretty much anything she wants to on my TV….. I got home in the middle of the show….. and the next 45 minutes consisted of Jon & Kate alternatively sitting on sofas and repeating the same lame-assed platitudes about how the kids were the first priority…. blah blah blah… with the same statements being made EXACTLY over and over…. in the same monotone and monotonous tones.

I’m trying to remember the last time I was that bored. If it’s really “all about the kids” and “not fighting in front of the kids”…. have these people never heard of MARRIAGE COUNSELING? Seriously.

I don’t get it. Why do these people even have a show? What’s the attraction here in the first place? I can’t imagine tuning in to that on a regular basis. I don’t care that they’re separating… I do think it’s ridiculous that their kids are under that kind of microscope and on TV and not having anything resembling a normal childhood because of the show…. so I’m having a really hard time believing ANYTHING is really “about the kids” and “doing what’s right for them”…. what’s right for them is to not pimp them out via the media to make money. The kids are cute… too bad the parents are such an apparent mess.

Can’t imagine watching another episode of that….. ever. Can’t understand why anyone does.


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