So is the patio open?

So there I was, driving around with a friend. We decide to stop and have dinner… preferably someplace where we can sit outside and enjoy the weather. She pulls out the number for a local restaurant and says “how about we call them and see if the patio is open?”…. okay, she’s driving, so I make the call….


Woman’s voice: Architipus, can I help you?

Me: Hello, yes, is the patio open?

Her: Well, that depends on the weather

Me: O-k-a-y…. is the patio open tonight?

Her: Well, we were just discussing that, hold on please…….

a couple of minutes later

Man’s voice: Architipus, can I help you?

Me: Yes, is the patio open?

Him: Well, that depends on the weather

Me: Is it open tonight?

Him: Well that depends on if it rains

Me: Okay, is it open now?

Him: We haven’t decided yet

Me: Is there a long wait for a table tonight?

Him: That depends on if we open the patio or not, if we do there won’t be, if we don’t there will

At this point I NO LONGER CARED if the patio was open, nor if I would have to wait an hour for a table….. we had dinner someplace else.

From now on, for the friend I was with while making this call and I “it depends on the weather” and “is the patio open” are going to be two of those send you into hysterical laughter responses that nobody else is going to “get”……. and I don’t care, I’ll say it anyway.


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  1. WarPony
    Aug 11, 2009 @ 15:44:29

    That reminds me of a conversation I had many years ago with a groomer about my dog. Some people just live in perpetual cluelessness, lol.


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