Deluges, airport runs and insanity.

Picked a neighbor up at the airport last night…… hot, sticky… but a/c in the car works just fine….. I’m driving up toward BWI and suddenly about 8 bolts of lightning light up the sky in front of me all at once and then a giant bucket gets dumped on the road…. huge, giant, God-sized bucket…. near-blinding rain of the type that the last time we had that here we got about 3 inches of rain in an hour or so….. only lasted about 20 minutes or so at that level and then tapered down…. was stopping as I entered the airport garage…. and I’m thinking “oh goody, they’re going to try to land her plane in a freaking typhoon”… so I collect the passenger, she puts her luggage in the trunk and just as we’re pulling out of the parking garage…. it starts to rain again… so apparently it was waiting for me… go figure.

The rain lowered the temperature about 24 degrees (there’s a thermometer in my car giving the outside temp) in about 5 minutes flat…. so we went from 97-98 to 74 almost instantaneously…. which makes me nervous because that’s the kind of thing that can spawn tornadoes….. and I was driving up I95 straight into it…. I’m a pretty comfortable in a storm driver…. have driven through blizzards, the edges of hurricanes, etc….. and don’t usually get nervous about it…. came very close to looking for a place to get off the highway last night…. if a tornado were going to crop up and grab a car…. a beetle would be an easy grab.

Hot and sticky here again today too…. ugh! But it’s AUGUST…. so that’s expected.

Oh, and the first hour in hourly parking at BWI is NO LONGER FREE…. GRRRRRRR!


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