XMRV… again….

Okay, so now that they think a retrovirus might cause CFIDS, I decided to do a bit of research on any herbs that may battle retroviruses. I found a page on the NIH site about prunella vulgaris (Self-Heal, Heals-All and several other names) showing promise with HIV…. hmmmmmm …. XMRV is not HIV, but perhaps something that may help with that may help with this too. So I ordered some prunella vulgaris … and they were out of stock … so I looked for it elsewhere on the internet … and found it… out of stock … drove around the area here to a couple of herb stores, one didn’t carry it, the other used to but can’t get it from their distributor lately … finally found some online, in stock and ordered it. It arrived yesterday. So I’m going to take it for a while and see what happens… I’ll post status later if it seems to be having any affect.


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