Looks like the phishing hack that hit my facebook and e-mail….

Isn’t uncommon….



Lucky me, I ended up with both the facebook AND the hotmail version — with the hotmail account affected being the one I use for facebook…. and pretty much nothing else…. so other than some inconvenience, there was no serious affect. Other than facebook disabling my account for the moment, but since facebook isn’t life-altering, I’m not too concerned.

I did get to find out that my friends are all too damn smart to fall for such a thing. What I got in response was a bunch of e-mails to my primary account saying “you’ve been hacked”. With comments from “you would never write that badly” to “when I told the hacker in chat I knew they weren’t you I got back ‘why can’t you ever just believe me!” and REALLY knew it wasn’t you”.

So to all my smart and savvy friends — THANK YOU! It makes me happy to know that no scammer is going to get you in my name.


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