More on the hacker…

The little maggot changed my profile information to make it hard for me to get the account back from them. They changed my birthdate and location so that they wouldn’t match up on the “retrieve your password” screen, as well as the alternate e-mail address so that I couldn’t use the “e-mail me” option for recovering my password either. I was finally able to get around that and get my account back. But it was a hassle. I’ve changed all of the information now — to something other than the real information I had in place before…. that way if they try to use the original information to steal the account again, they won’t be able to.

They had also put in a cell number for notification — and SURPRISE! It’s not a real number. I don’t know if the alternate e-mail address of was real either, but I am reporting the address to hotmail as the hacker’s likely address…. although it was likely a throw-away account.

A friend of mine was kind enough to let me have the original e-mail — with the headers. The IP address is out of where?…. Nigeria…. go figure.


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