I now officially hate facebook

Not only was my account hacked, facebook has disabled it and is totally non-responsive to my e-mails requesting that they fix the problem and give me my access back. 1 automated response via e-mail on Saturday requesting more information — to which I responded with the requested information. No response to anything since that time. Beyond that nothing, nada, bupkiss. Either they simply don’t give a rat’s ass about their endusers, or they’ve been hit with so many rounds of this that they’re scrambling to wade through it all… or both…. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s both.

In the meantime, I found this “lovely” article on CNET regarding safety issues with facebook’s tertiary apps, how easy it is to hack them, and that you don’t even need to use them yourself — any time one of your friends signs up to use one of the 3rd party apps, they’re putting YOUR ID at risk along with their own.


And yup, the CNET article is almost 2 years old…. has the hole been fixed? Apparently not, since I got hacked this past weekend.

If it weren’t for the fact that facebook is how I keep in touch with family in the military and in college, I wouldn’t bother trying to get the account back. But since I don’t know what’s going on with them otherwise, I need it back.

So facebook — please get your freakin’ act together already!


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