Facebook strikes again…..

Facebook finally gave me my account back several days after the hacker incident and my account being disabled.

Now they’ve disabled me again for no apparent reason.

Then in searching the internet for other people’s stories and any advice on getting them to stop doing that…. I find this:


Good grief! So…. while facebook has been a nice way to stay in touch with some family members, and to reconnect with some old friends…. is it worth it? I’m thinking between the hassle, the fact that some hacker/scammer/thief/slimeball in Nigeria now has way too much of my personal information, and the over-all privacy issues…. maybe not.

I love my family and friends, and the ease of logging in and getting updates from many people at once — including things they probably wouldn’t have bothered mentioning on the phone — which adds a layer of connection, even though I live hundreds of miles away…. facebook is crossing a line by demanding real birth dates and names (identity theft anyone) and then having lousy security so that it can be gotten to by hackers. That the IP address used in the spam e-mail the hacker sent out originated in Nigeria is not a shock at this point…. it is, however, quite disconcerting. What that means to me is that a hacker in Nigeria has my real name, my birthdate and one of my e-mail addresses.

I changed the account information on both the e-mail account and facebook to a fake birthdate (why make it easy for the same slimeball to get back in again by maintaining the same validation data?), and changed the location in my e-mail to one that was accurate at one time in my life, but is not now…. but definitely does not match what was there when they hacked it.

And the passwords on both accounts are so different that it would present a challenge.

I’ve also scanned my computer for key-loggers, root kits, bots, malware of any nature… and it comes up clean. So the original hack HAD to have come from the facebook side. And since I have 8 e-mail addresses, and the ONLY one hacked was the one I use for facebook….. well, that speaks for itself as well.

So facebook — get your freakin’ act together already and stop being a risk to your users…. it’s ridiculous.


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