Shutter Island

WOW…… saw it last weekend…… totally unexpected! I highly recommend it. A psychological thriller that is different from anything I’ve seen before and is extraordinarily well done. The cinematography is at times breathtaking… the plot never stops surprising… right up to the very end.

My only complaint is the sound editing… there were a couple of points where the mood music was louder than the dialog and I didn’t quite catch a word or two of what was being said… which was annoying. But over all it was a really amazing movie.

Twisty-turny surprising suspense with an ending that surprised yet again and left me walking out of the theater going OMG….

The changes in understanding what’s actually happening and the context of the story are pretty wild.

My recommendation?….. go see it…. take tissues, there will be scenes that bring tears to your eyes. Do not eat right before if you have an easily flipped stomach…. a character is sea sick at the beginning… and there are a few other scenes I won’t describe that are quite disturbing. The whole movie was disturbing in many ways….. you’ll walk out of the theater having been taken on quite a ride. Ran into group of women who saw it this afternoon…. and the one I spoke to thought it was very well done.


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