Why I’m No Longer Buying BP Fuel

For several years now, I’ve sought out BP stations when I’ve needed to refuel and been no where near a bio-diesel pump (which sadly is most of the time). Why? Because I wanted to support their alternative energy initiatives. Even though in my area they charged about 30 cents a gallon more for diesel last time I fueled up here.

I will no longer be doing so. In fact, I will be AVOIDING their stations in exactly the same way I do Exxon.

Why? Because they’re moving their solar panel manufacturing from Frederick, Maryland to China and India.

As far as I’m concerned, they want American dollars — they can invest here. If they’re not willing to do that, I’m not willing to give them MY American dollars.

BP also has made missteps. It was producing 125 millimeter multi-crystalline solar cells in Frederick while the rest of the industry had moved to 156 millimeter cells, which have become standard. Changing the production lines would be too expensive, Fezzani said.

So because some idiot(s) made a bad corporate decision, they’re going to move manufacturing to other countries rather than FIX what they screwed up — and more Americans will lose jobs because of it.

So here’s my question: Are those responsible for the decision to tool for 125 millimeter solar cells, instead of the 156 millimeter cells that are now standard, losing THEIR jobs too…. or is it just those who do the labor and were dependent upon them to make wiser decisions?

When other companies are OPENING plants in the US, why is BP abandoning it’s workers here?


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  1. placidair
    Dec 12, 2016 @ 17:57:39

    I don’t go to porn sites — but thanks for your faux concern. As for smoking — I quit decades ago. I also haven’t fueled up at a BP station since I posted about it. Some of us actually have ethics/morals, unlike those of you who run around making false claims about others and posting links to nonsense.


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