Dear Verizon, you stink…..

I have had Verizon FiOS for over 2 years now…. and it’s been mostly decent. Lately I’ve been having speed problems with my internet connection (I’m paying for a 15mb connection). This weekend I was told my contract was for a 10mb connection…. nooooooo, I’ve been paying for 15 for over 2 years, and lately when I speed test I’m getting 9, there’s a problem here. Today someone tells me that they have a new contract with the apartment complex I’m in limiting their connections to 10mb. Did anyone speak to me before they lowered my connection? NO Does a third party even have a legal right to set such limits on a connection I’m paying for myself? I seriously doubt it. That Verizon continued to CHARGE ME for 15mb, while only GIVING ME 10mb strikes me as fraud. That I was downgraded, without my permission, nor my knowledge and no one bothered to communicate this to me makes me LIVID. Did they really just figure I wouldn’t notice? Or that because the only other vendor in the building seriously stinks and the connection is unstable we’d just think it “normal” that our connection suddenly sucks?

I am a computer geek by trade, I often work from home while remoted over to client sites. It’s NOT STABLE to do that at 10mb in many cases. They’re screwing with my ability to make a living.

I may have to get a lawyer…. this is wholly and completely unacceptable on every level. And if I have to get a lawyer, I’m going to go for it and sue as big as I can.


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