More Verizon Bullshit

There are now a couple of people at Verizon trying to help me. One is the leasing office’s contact. I spoke with her a while ago, and she asked me to email her about the phone call I had with “Drew” last night. According to her, she had him call me because he’s one of the best and most knowledgeable people they have…. now I’m truly scared…. Verizon, you’re on a serious downslide if that’s the best you’ve got.

Here’s the story….

Around 7:30 last night I received a call from Drew, who informed me that it was technologically impossible to get 15MB in this building. I explained that I had HAD 15MB for over 2 years and that the bundle I bought was advertised with a 15MB connection. He launched into a whole bunch of “explanations” that made absolutely no sense whatsoever, telling me again it was “for technical reasons” and that I can not GET a 15MB connection in this building because it’s an MDU. I once again stated that 15 MB DID work in this building, that I had had it up until recently. He then tells me if I upgrade my package for another $15/month I can have the 15MB connection….so what happened to “technologically impossible”? I tell him the package I ordered was advertised for a 15MB connection and I want what was originally ordered and promised. He once again claims it’s “technically impossible, but for another $15/month I can get the faster speed”…. this is now smacking of “snake oil” and bait and switch… he then tells me that because it’s an MDU I can’t get anything above 25 or 30 MB in the unit and they’re not allowed to sell speeds above that in here….. this is relevant to my regaining my 15MB connection how? But at the same time, he’s just told me it’s possible to get twice the bandwidth he just finished telling me was impossible in this unit…. and then goes back to trying to sell me an upgrade in order to get the connection I had contracted for in the first place. I tell him I want what I contracted for, he tells me that package is “no longer available” — I told him I was looking at the same offer on the website that day — it’s still being advertised on Verizon’s website as I type this…. so “no longer available” is pure bull. I told him I am a computer consultant who often works from home, and that I frequently connect to client VPNs for work and that the decrease in my bandwidth was messing with my ability to make a living, I also informed him I am a tech and so I know better than to believe the “it’s impossible” bit he’s giving me. He continued to claim it was “technologically impossible” to give me 15MB, then he tells me if I change to the next higher package at $15/month more, he could give me the 15MB connection….. if it’s “technologically impossible” he shouldn’t be able to do it at ANY price… so CLEARLY it is NOT “technologically impossible”. About 5 minutes after I referenced working from home he threw “you’re connecting to VPNs” at me as if it were some kind of accusation of criminal activity (I so hope that phone call was taped). I finally asked if I needed to get a lawyer involved in order to have my contract honored as agreed to…. he went ballistic and started yelling that if I’m going to call a lawyer he can’t talk to me anymore and can’t do anything for me. I finally ended the call threatening to contact the Attorney General for the State of Maryland if my contract was not honored as ordered and agreed to.

I don’t know who this needs to be escalated up to in order to get resolved, but this is so far into the ridiculous at this point that I’m considering getting my lousy ComCast service back. I was the first person in this complex to get FiOS connected, and was the guinea pig that it ended up taking well over a week and several techs to get it working correctly in the first place. I also recommended the service to several neighbors once it was up and running…. and I was routinely getting speeds of 18MB when I tested the line, and for the two years of the initial contract after that. So someone telling me it’s “not possible” to get my agreed upon (and still advertised) 15MB connection isn’t going to get my belief. Telling me “it’s not possible, but we can do it if you give us more money than you’re already paying and contracted for” smacks of fraud at this point.

What the heck is going on at Verizon? Seriously, contracting at one data rate, and then simply lowering that data rate without so much as notice to the customer is simply bad business. Making the customer go through all of this to get it fixed is so far beyond bad business that I don’t even have a good phrase for it. This needs fixing.

Hopefully they’ll have it together soon.


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