Hey Google, Listen Up

I do not WANT my blogger account to be connected to a google account.  I WANT them to be 2 separate things, with 2 separate log-ins.  Why do you persist in screwing this up?

Trying to force me to connect the accounts SUCKS.  The whole point of having a screenname on blogger is to  BE ANONYMOUS.  Forcing me to connect it to my google account negates that.

Stupid, STUPID idea… and force feeding it to us is unacceptable.  I’m moving my blogs over to WordPress to get away from this kind of control-freakishness.

Look for them under the exact same URL as here, only replace “blogspot” with “WordPress”…. for example http://opinionatedkili.blogspot.com is now at https://opinionatedkili.wordpress.com.

Google does some great stuff, and I like many of their products, but this cockamamie notion of forcing all their apps into one log-in is incredibly annoying.  My primary google e-mail is NOT the one I use for blogging or secondary apps in order to control spam issues, etc.  So forcing a connection there ADDS ANNOYANCE TO MY LIFE.  I means to access blogspot I have to log out of my primary e-mail account and log in to blogspot…. then log out of blogspot to get back to my primary e-mail.   So much of their single sign-on theory adding “convenience” to anything….. it’s a pain in the ass in actuality — and I choose to not deal with it.

They’re trying to pull the same stupidity with YouTube as well — and I don’t appreciate it there either.  They keep this up, I’m going to have to find another e-mail vendor to use as primary…. and I’m a PAID google customer for my corporate use….. if I have to take my free account elsewhere, I’ll look for another source for the paid one too.


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