BP, you’ve GOT to be kidding!

$50 million to run an apology ad?   REALLY?????  The leak is still happening, apologizing now is like a married man apologizing while he’s still inside his whore and has every intention of continuing to be there … it means nothing other than a cheap attempt at manipulation.  Until BP stops trying to keep pulling oil out of the well, and exhibits a single-minded focus on closing the leak, any “apology” means nothing.

The bottom line is CAP THE DAMN THING!  You’re destroying our planet.  Claiming you’re trying, when every attempt we’ve seen so far hasn’t been to stop the leak, but to find a way to continue to exploit the drill site, with stopping the leak appearing to be a secondary benefit — is nothing more than pacifying talk…. and complete bullshit.   NO!  CAP THE LEAK … THEN, once the clean up is done … THEN MAYBE try to figure out a way to SAFELY reaccess the well  to get oil out of it.   But first things first.   If you have an accident at work and you’re bleeding profusely, you go to the hospital and stop the bleeding and THEN you go back to work … you don’t try to continue working while making some half-assed effort to stop the bleeding.

Right now the Earth is bleeding — profusely.   And the Earth is bleeding because YOU BP Oil Company CUT HER…. and she’s bleeding badly enough to need emergency services to stop the bleeding.

You tried to cut the pipe so you could what?   Attach another pipe to it and keep sucking the oil.  CRIMP THE TUBE OFF, FUNNEL TONS OF CEMENT OVER IT, SUPERGLUE PLASTIC OVER IT….. I don’t care HOW you stop the bleeding into the Gulf…. JUST STOP IT.

I used to intentionally look for BP stations to fill up.  They seemed for quite a while to be a company that was investing in alternative energy and looking to move us forward in that regard.  They also had solar panel plants in the US…. things I thought worth supporting with my dollars.   But BP has turned into a false front…..  first announcing that they’re moving their US solar panel production out of the US and into India and China and then destroying the Gulf….. yes, with the leak, but also with their response to the leak.   Instead of going into a true “this is an emergency, deal with the $ later mode” that one would do if a loved one were bleeding to death — which would have been an appropriate response.  They grossly underestimated the amount of leakage — even while an expert in fluid dynamics was on TV saying it was more than 10x BP’s estimates from what he was seeing.  And then instead of stopping the leak first and figuring out the rest later, they focused on finding a way to continue to exploit the well as a priority, instead of stopping the damage as quickly as possible.

If it were up to me, BP would be kicked out of the US entirely, and they’d damn well never get  to run another well or oil rig…. and whoever was involved in making the decision to try to find a way to keep getting the oil, instead of first focusing on stopping the bleeding, would be doing jail time.

Shame on you BP!


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