I know, I know….. it’s been a while…..

I promise, if anyone’s actually coming in here, I shall endeavor to do better….. really.

Been a bit busy with “stuff”….. no excuse, but hey!  “life” happens!

A couple of the kittens I adopted out 2 years ago have “boomeranged”…. and are back with their Momma (the real one that actually gave birth to them… as well as me).  When I brought stray Momma and her litter in, and then found homes for all 4 kittens, I truly didn’t think I’d end up with 2 of them back….  but here they are.   And they’re very sweet, loving and adorable kitties… how someone could look at those adoring faces and go “well, I just can’t be bothered anymore — BYE!” is wholly beyond my personal comprehension.   But they’re back here now, safe and loved….  and they remembered this place and me … which surprised me, but they did.

Work is slow, but seems to be picking up….. and that’s good.

Guess I need to get back to reviewing “stuff”….  I have brought a few new things into the household…. so I’ll have to post about them at some point.


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