How Stupid Are We?

Seriously.   The bailout is working (and paying back).  People I know who didn’t have a job for a couple of years are finding work, and things are looking up — so what do we do?   Throw those involved in the fixes out of office….  while whining “oh my GOOOOODDDDDDDD the government is actually DOING THINGS!!!!!”.  We can’t POSSIBLY have THAT!    So now it looks like the House is going back into the hands of the Republicans, who’s main agenda of late seems to be riling up their constituents into believing government is “bad” and shouldn’t do anything constructive — because any movement forward, or any action that actually improves anything must be “unConstitutional” and therefore unacceptable…..  have any of these idiots READ the US Constitution…. including the Preamble?

There’s an interesting article on the far right — written by a former far rightie…. and it’s most enlightening….

I’ve run across enough of these “nothing we do matters anyway because it’s the end times” types myself, that I wouldn’t be all that surprised if he was correct.   Then think about the ramifications about entrusting our future to people who don’t think we have one, and that doing anything to help build one is somehow going against their notion of “God’s will”.

Does not strike me as a mark of sanity — certainly not of reason or intelligence.

Sadly, apparently we really ARE turning out to be this stupid…. yet again.


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