“Patriots”? NOT!

“Maryland Society of Patriots” cold-called my home number yesterday with a canned/automated call from a number in Oklahoma.

1. I don’t give a rat’s patootie what anyone in OK thinks of MD politics. So having canned calls done from another state, instead of locally would have me disinterested no matter what you had to say.

2. I believe in full human rights for everyone — including the right to marry. You want to explain to me what “gay marriage” will “lead to” — what? “gay divorce”? So what?

3. I have no respect for fear-mongering or bigotry, and the dire, foreboding and anti-gay tone of that canned message placed it soundly in both categories

4. Canned messages for this kind of thing are either lazy, or an act of cowardice (if someone disagrees with you they have no option to respond, only hang up)… I have no respect for that either. If you have as many people as you think you do who agree with you — some of them should care enough to be willing to do time on a local phone bank — if they don’t, then why should I care what you have to say?

While I can respect some of what the tea party has to say about government being out of control…. the fact that they want to control who someone marries tells me it’s not about how much control so much as it is about who is being controlled. How can you on the one hand claim government is too big and on the other hand think it has a right to involve itself in the personal lives of individuals? Quite the dichotomy.

Liberals and Democrats want to control those things that affect many people, or can harm others… Big Business, the Environment, Wall Street, Banking, etc. — things that affect us all in their mega effects.

The far right and tea party seem to want to mostly control peoples’ personal lives… which are no one’s business but their own, unless they’re doing harm to another.

That division is why I’m aligned with the Democrats and Liberals. Regulate what affects others, leave individuals to do whatever they want to in their personal lives… as long as they’re not causing harm to anyone else in the process. I couldn’t care less if the 2 guys up the block are a couple, as long as they keep their sexual activity private. I also don’t care what the heterosexual couple up the block does in the privacy of their own bedroom, as long as they both have consented to it and no one is being harmed.

Conversely, I DO care if the CEO of the major corporation with nearby offices decides that the best way to deal with waste from their chemical factory is to dump it in a nearby creek (which happened in my home town when I was a kid — with the owner claiming he was doing the town a favor by “sterilizing” the creek in the process — I kid you not). THAT, IMO, needs regulation and government intervention. The adults up the street, in their own homes and not causing anyone harm, do not.


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  1. Foxie
    Jan 27, 2011 @ 12:56:32



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