“Bullying” Doesn’t Even Come Close to Describing This…


“bullying”? How about assault at the very least…. what in the World possesses some that they would even consider doing this to someone? Where in the hell were the attackers’ parents when they were supposed to be learning how to treat others? The school’s response of “keep him home” when the earlier bullying was reported is grossly insufficient.

They beat the smaller kid up, knocked him down, kicked him while he was down, chased and dragged him through the streets and hung him upside down from a tree, chased and beat him further and then hung him from a spiked fence, risking harming his spine, or head, in the process — the attack went on for over 20 minutes while he called for help and no one stepped in, or even called the police. I can’t even imagine imagining doing something like that. I’m just glad one of them was dumb enough to videotape the attack, supplying the police with solid evidence of what they did. And glad someone finally stopped and got him down off the fence so that he didn’t end up freezing to death like that.

I’m also glad that the police have taken this seriously enough to walk the attackers out of school in handcuffs and charge them to the fullest extent of the law — maybe, just maybe, it will send some other “wolf pack” a message that such is not acceptable. And NO I do not think the kidnapping charges are “over-reaching”.

The footage is just …. well, I have no words…

To Nadin Khoury:

I seriously doubt you’ll find your way to my blog, but on the off chance that you do please know that what those boys did to you is not in any manner representative of your new country, nor it’s people. There are many of us here in the US who are actually civilized and reasonable human beings who would never even imagine imagining doing such a thing to someone, much less ever behave in such a barbaric and horrific manner. And, while you must be very angry and hurt right now, please remember this: Those boys are currently headed down a path of self-destruction, and their lives are not apt to get any better going forward. Their ability to change that would require much that seems unlikely. You, on the other hand, still have your own life entirely ahead of you, and with that the ability to create a life that is positive and even wonderful… please don’t let this incident change that or diminish it. Becoming the best you that you can be, despite this, will be the best form of revenge you could ever have… and far more than those who attacked you can likely look forward to, even in their wildest dreams.


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