Totally Disgusting

I just turned on the TV. What am I seeing? A bunch of women with some little girl who is tarted up to look like a small hooker in rhinestoned hotpants, a skimpy top and a makeup job fit for “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”. The kid says/sings “bow chicka wow wow!” wiggles her butt at her “audience”, looks over her shoulder flirtatiously, drops into a series of spread-legged squats with her butt in the air and then turns around and blows a kiss from her bright-red-painted lips and face covered with makeup only fit for a drag queen.

And the women are all encouraging this as if it’s a wonderful thing…. and praising her mother for being a great housewife who puts her kids first….. EXCUSE ME? SOMEONE taught that child that doing that was a great way to get attention — NOT appropriate by a long shot.

So I hit the Guide button on the remote to discover that the show is “Real Housewives of New Jersey”. I’m guessing the child herself is likely quite adorable when she’s not done up to look like a hooker, spouting porn noises and doing stripper moves. The ADULTS encouraging the sexualization of a little girl who looks to be maybe 8 or so years old, however, need their heads examined — or to be smacked upside of them.

I am appalled. If the kid shows up pregnant at 12 by some 30-year old, they’ll all be “shocked” and it will be too late for them to figure out that sexualizing a child is a really wrong-headed and bad idea.

A dear friend, who happens to be from New Jersey, and lives there now, says that show gives everyone in New Jersey a bad name — I now see what she means.

Shame on anyone who’d do that to their child.

If nothing else this show apparently demonstrates well that riches and reason do not necessarily go together.


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