Clueless Jackasses at Google at it AGAIN!

Now they want to force me to connect my YouTube account to my gmail account. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. First of all, it’s still a security issue for anyone who’s had stalker problems. Maybe you assholes at Google think the stalker thing is all one big joke… I assure you, as someone who once got home late at night to find some asshole sitting on my stoop…. it’s not. Maybe you clowns don’t grasp how big a problem it is — I recommend you do something totally crazy and GOOGLE STALKER STASTICS…. use your own damn resources, instead of moving forward with policies that are hazardous to your end-users. I’ve had death threats from online lunatics because I dared disagree with them… I do NOT WANT MY ACCOUNTS ALL CONJOINED INTO ONE INSECURE BLOB. Do you grasp this? Is anyone at Google making these asinine decisions even CAPABLE of grasping this?

You can close my damn YouTube account, now that I can no longer log into it, I don’t have the option to do that for myself any more. — YouTube had gotten lousy anyway with embedded links not working more often than not and the content going down hill with the number of sheer yahoos posting stupidity that has to be weeded through to find any nuggets of value…. it’s more like looking for a nugget of gold at the bottom of a latrine than anything of value these days anyway.

That you no longer make such combining of accounts OPTIONAL, and instead are trying to FORCE it upon endusers who clearly don’t want it speaks to your lack of respect for, and interest in the well-being of, your user base. Guess what? I no longer respect you either… disrespect breeds disrespect, and you’re earning it.

Not only have I moved my blogs off of blogger to get away from this insanity, I am now looking to move my business email out of your paid system and elsewhere and I’ll be moving my personal email account as well….. and I’m changing my default search engine to….. I’m going to de-google my life as much as possible. I think my google maps app is about to be deleted from my phone as well…. and that android phone I was looking at buying?…. screw it, I’ll buy something else. That android tablet PC I was considering? iPad here I come. MapQuest, Rand-McNally, there are other mapping sites I can use for directions — I don’t need yours. Chrome is being uninstalled, so is Google Earth. Your source of “central control” through forcing everything into one thing is OVER when it comes to me. Every bit of google-based anything installed on anything I own is getting removed. Anything I was considering buying with an android OS is getting switched to a different product. Anything I can do to deGoogle my life is getting done. Google chat? Google-bye…. Google maps? Google-bye ….. Google Earth? Google-bye ….. Google Mail? Google-bye …. Google Chrome? Google-bye …. see the trend here? G-Bye!

And I hope I’m not the only one deGoogling my life.

Up your’s Google — I’ve had enough.


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