Why I am NOT getting Netflix

I have pop-up blockers. Netflix is one of TWO companies who’s pop-ups get through anyway. This means that they and/or their marketing company deliberately coded around the pop-up blockers.

They decided that they have more right to decide what windows open on my computer than I do. They think they have a right to take over my computer and deliberately go around something I put in place to prevent pop-ups.

This pisses me off.

It’s my computer and my bandwidth, and I’m the one paying for it. I don’t want my resources sucked up by pop-up advertising. I have no problem with banner ads, and if those were the only ads I saw for Netflix, I might consider their service…. but ANY company who’s pop-up ads get through pop-up blockers — I’m not going to do business with. Period. I don’t like the attitude required for a company to do that. What other decisions would they then assume they get to make for me? Sorry, but invasive, obnoxious, out of control and out of bounds.

Why am I ranting about this now? Because another one of their ads just popped up, without my permission, on another site.

Any other company who’s ads get through the pop-up blockers are only guaranteeing that I won’t buy their product as well. I don’t like pop-up ads, that why I took the trouble to install a pop-up blocker. Pop-up ads are obnoxious, tax the resources on my computer and are in general a pain in the ass — therefore I choose not to have them on my computer…. and silly me, I actually believe I have that right …. the right to decide what opens up on my computer…. go figure. But it’s not Netflix’ computer, it’s MY computer, I bought it, I paid for it, I installed it, and I’m the one paying for my ISP and bandwidth — therefore I’m the one who should get to decide what I use it for — and pop-up ads are NOT what I want it used for. PERIOD.


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