I resisted. I sneered. I refused to consider “plastic shoes”. I bought a pair of their flip flops when I was in a mall and a serious storm broke out while I was wearing nice new shoes which I didn’t want ruined in the rain.


I’m hooked.

That’s right, I’m hooked.

I am now one of those plastic-shoe-wearing people who understands the OMG factor of sliding your feet into something that completely, ridiculously and absurdly comfy….. Don’t waste your time sneering at me for it, I’m sneering at myself…. and my feet don’t care about my sneering, they’re sure not going to care about your’s….. they’re too busy singing

“thank you, Thank You…. TH-A-A-A-ANK      Y-O-ew-ew-ew-ew-ew-EW!”

— and since my feet are singing louder than my brain is sneering, the feet win.

And they’re having a big sandal sale on their website — 25% off with some already down to 60% off. I just ordered 2 more pairs of Crocs and am hanging my head in shame…. Shame I tell you… SHAME! …. but my feet, well…. my feet will be very happy.

Oh yeah — and if you belong to eBates (and if you don’t yet, you can join using the at the link under Shopping on the right-hand side of this page) you can connect over from that site, and get another 5% back via that lovely little quarterly check they send out.

I’ve actually sunk so low, I’m looking at the shoes on the site and pondering….. “I wonder if I could get away with those for work … hmmmmmmm …. crocs with a suit … what?!?!?!? NO!!!!!… well…… M-A-Y-b-e…. hmmmmmmmmmm”.


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