Hello there! Welcome to my blog. Who am I? Just another seriously opinionated middle-aged, slightly-cranky, and too-chubby woman. Who cares about my opinions? Maybe nobody. But I’m going to post them anyway, and if you find them interesting, please comment and let me know. Nice to know when you’re not ranting into a void.

I am a computer geek by trade, a cat rescuer by avocation. I’m pretty much the “crazy cat lady” of my neighborhood — people come to me with cats that need rescuing, and when I can I try to help. I’ve pulled 12 cats out of the neighborhood in the last 4 years…. 7 now live with me, 1 died, the others have found homes elsewhere. 2 of those who live with me now were adopted out and recently “boomeranged” when their human decided they just didn’t want to be bothered any more after 2 years — I guess the “cute kitten factor” wore off. So now they’re back with me, and their Momma. When you deal with feral mothers and kittens, you may be able to find a home for the kittens, but the Mommas aren’t going to adopt out, so you have 2 options, spay them and put them back outside to fend for themselves once the kittens are weaned, or spay them and keep them…. I’ve never been able to turn them back out. 2 of mine are feral Mommas, both of them now have 2 of their babies living with them. The 3rd feral is a male I had been feeding when cats in the neighborhood started going missing or showing up dead…. so I caught him in a trap, got him tested for disease, neutered and vaccinated and brought him in…. 3 years later still can’t pet him, maybe will never be able to. But he does like to sleep by my feet at night and knead my calves… until he realizes I know he’s there, then he runs…. but it’s something.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it — for now anyway. If you got through that mess, you’re a trooper!


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